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Over the years, real estate has become a topic of varied opinions. The rise of this industry has seen so many challenges and witnessed many changes; however, thus, outcome attained by it has been varied too. People today are not afraid to invest in real estate and often go to great heights to make sure they receive value for their buck and more importantly get a place that makes them and their families comfortable.However, even before the finished apartment comes into being, the initial draft or blueprint is something thatSEE DETAILS


The introduction of the recent Goods and Service Tax or GST as commonly known took the entire country by storm. With its mention, individuals over the country pooled in to discuss its effects and awaited the revised tax structures eagerly. While many did not have any idea of how it would impact commercial real estate, businesses and entrepreneurs were curious and kept their fingers crossed and prayed that it wouldn’t pose as a challenge to their everyday lives. Once finally in place, some rejoiced while others did not. However, consumers allSEE DETAILS


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