What Basic Amenities all Real Estate Companies should Incorporate in their Projects

At the rate that real estate companies have been flourishing in the city, it is no surprise that the prices of apartments have raised massively in the last decade.  Today, Pune’s top real estate companies are constantly competing against one another to serve their clients their best. With world-class amenities, facilities, and perquisites, some of the very best real estate companies are present in the market of Pune today.

These are some of the basic amenities that all real estate companies should consider as a core part of their projects:

1. Smart Building Designs

Smart buildings differ from regular buildings and apartments in great aspects. As the name suggests, it makes use of skilled technology and great amenities to make the complex “complete” in every aspect. In case of smart building designs, one can facilitate multilevel vehicle parking, ample space for social and business gatherings, pre-planned vehicle-free plazas, and green rooms (for relaxation) amongst several others.

2. Shopping Centers

What could be better than having a shopping center at your convenience? Some of the top real estate companies work to provide their residents an array of small shops or even better, a good shopping center within the complex. With the focus on fresh fruits and vegetables, groceries and everyday essentials, such shopping spaces are one of the most convenient options for residents.

3. Art Spaces

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This idea is guaranteed to add that extra special touch to any complex. Such art space may commonly include artistic landscapes, art development centers, or interactive spaces and is great as a stress reliever. With lives getting busier and monotony creeping in, art spaces can give individuals that much-needed break from the routine.

4. Excellent Power Backup

An important yet very basic need, good power backup is the need of every home. Be it a favorite TV channel, a movie, or an important letter that someone is working on, a power issue can really get frustrating in the long run. Good power backup is extremely helpful and should be considered an essential by real estate companies.

5. Eco-Friendly Construction

Irrespective of a few extra bucks that may need to be thrown in, eco-friendly architecture truly pays off in the long run. Moreover, your occupants will be more than happy to know that you value the environment and will be happy to live in such a place.

6. Health zones

This includes the spa, gymnasium, yoga space, health center, walking path, meditation zone, etc. that are extremely crucial. These amenities are expensive as well as very important for one’s health and well-being. Having these in the vicinity saves residents a good chunk of money, time, and effort.

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7. Security

Making sure your project is high in terms of security is a basic and vital amenity. Ensure high security in terms of protection and the safety of the residents should be on the top priority of the builders.

Apart from those mentioned above, an important aspect that real estate companies should abide by is to have a helpful committee to solve the concerns of the residents. Apart from outside members, the committee also needs to have a few selected members of the residents staying in the society. The committee can address important concerns and issues that residents point out and help find appropriate solutions for the same.