Everything You Must Know about Brokerage on Flats for Sale in Pune

Like Mumbai and Bangalore, Pune is getting into the ‘metro city’ category and this means one thing: increase in prices. Be it everyday expenses, education, entertainment or getting a house, the effects can be felt in every sector. The good part? It has made the city a perfect stay destination for people of all ages, working in different industries and aiming for varied goals. The city is now the modern age hub of everything fantastic, and it will only get better!

When it comes to buying homes, brokerage plays a big role. In fact, the city is huge in terms of real estate now, and it is blossoming every year. With so many projects coming up, the cost on the outskirts is dwindling whereas the properties in the heart of the city are only raising their rents. There are also many new flats for sale in Pune, which is growing by the number.

Here are some tips to keep in mind while seeking a place:

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1. Seller Deed

While the expenses to bear this may differ in different states, it is mostly the purchaser who bears the expenses. At times, the seller may draft the same with mutual consideration and the cost may be split.

2. Utilities

Along with property tax, all other utilities that the owners use have to be paid for themselves. This includes electricity, phone, gas, water etc.

3. Common Amenities 

While some societies may charge owners to utilize amenities like the society pool, gymnasium, park etc. at no extra charges, others may have a policy of paying a particular amount each month to use them.

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4. Miscellaneous Charges 

The society may ask the owners to pay a few additional charges for maintenance etc. as per the norms. Apart from these, society meetings and other occasions and festivals also call for an amount that is contributed by all residential members.


5. Commission 

To avoid shelling out money to agents, log on to different real estate websites that offer complete details of available properties. While premium aspects of these may still be chargeable, one can always check out the primary details simply by using the basic version. In case of commission, the percentage may differ from agent to agent, location etc.

6. Agreement Formalities 

This aspect also differs and some large complexes in Pune have a system of getting approval from its members before selling a flat. It is also mandatory to make the sale agreement legal and bound to terms before moving in.

7. Police Verification

Due to the increasing nature of threats and other criminal activities in Pune, all tenants as well as occupants (in some cases) now need to do a police verification at the local area police station and share a copy with the landlord/owner before moving in.

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Alongside this, RERA or Real Estate (Regulation and Development) Act came into effect from 2016 describes it asThe Real Estate Act makes it mandatory for all commercial and residential real estate projects where the land is over 500 square metres, or eight apartments, to register with the Real Estate Regulatory Authority (RERA) for launching a project in order to provide greater transparency in project-marketing and execution.”

The act has made the real estate market better, more transparent and has managed restricting illegal activities to a considerable amount.

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