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Pune is a real estate investor’s paradise. The vibrant cosmopolitan has witnessed the remarkable development in recent times. With the commissioning of Pune Metro and the materialization of Pune Municipal’s development plan, this smart city would compete with top notch cities in terms of public amenities.  Real estate sector would benefit the most from such developments. This also implies that the setback in real estate induced by demonetization would be negated and prices of flats for sale in Pune would be propelled on an upward trajectory. Flats in Pune are slated toSEE DETAILS


Real estate has always been a tricky concept – be it in any city. Why? Because it makes for one of the most competitive industries ever. Prices are constantly fluctuating, areas may gain or lose value to due increase/decrease of other factors and safety and convenience plays a vital role too. So what is the best solution to this? A flat on rent in Pune or investing in a property?Well, although opting for a flat on rent in Pune does have its own benefits like saving considerable amounts of maintenance fees, havingSEE DETAILS


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