Buying Flat in Pune vs Flat on Rent in Pune. What is Better?

Real estate has always been a tricky concept – be it in any city. Why? Because it makes for one of the most competitive industries ever. Prices are constantly fluctuating, areas may gain or lose value to due increase/decrease of other factors and safety and convenience plays a vital role too. So what is the best solution to this?flat on rent in Pune or investing in a property?

Well, although opting for a flat on rent in Pune does have its own benefits like saving considerable amounts of maintenance fees, having the freedom to move your house anytime and is way cheaper than investing; our best bet is opting for buying your own house. Here’s why buying flat in Pune can be great for you…


1. You Get Better Privacy

Buying Flat or Flat on Rent


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Having a place of your own gives you your much-needed space. Be it living alone, with your significant other or your family, your home will be all yours. Period. This also rules out landlords visiting anytime, other families coming to see the place (in case you’re going to be moving out soon) and other random visitors at odd timings.

2. A Better Sense of Security

Once you get your own home, there is a certain feeling of security and stability that is incomparable. It is one of the milestones in every person’s life and with that box checked, you feel more confident going ahead in life.



3. Freedom to Live Your Way


Freedom to Live in Your Home


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With a place that you call your own, you don’t have to live by the landlord’s terms. You can freely have people over, take your decisions and make it your own personal den to live in.



4. Security for Retirement

There is no greater anxiety for a person getting to retirement than not having his own home. By buying your own house, you can put this worry to rest and retire with content.



5. Great Investment


Investment in Home


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6. Better Spending Habits

Not having to spend large sums of your salary on rents, you can choose to save up or invest in stuff that is important or having a better lifestyle with that amount.


So in a nutshell, opting for a place of your own rules out renting any day. Even if you are low on a budget right now, it wouldn’t be a completely bad option to consider a smaller place now, and then rethink about a bigger one later.  So take that step NOW!


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