Investment Areas and Opportunities in Pune Real Estate Market in 2018

Over the last couple of years, the Pune real estate market has seen some astonishing changes. Several areas like Baner, Pashan, Balewadi, Wagholi, Wakad etc. that were earlier not even considered as good localities for investing in a home, are now one of the hottest destinations.

This change has thus, affected the real estate market positively as well and has encouraged more people to invest in properties outside the heart of the city.

While commercial and residential options are plentiful in and around Pune at the moment, many people also look out for investment opportunities at the same time.

Whether based in Pune and wanting a spare property or living elsewhere with a dream of owning a small home in the city, whatever the reason, investing in the Pune real estate market 2018 is a big step and highly advisable too!

Investment Areas and Opportunities in Pune Real Estate Market in 2018

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Here are some of the best investment areas to strike an opportunity and get a home in 2018. Are you up for it?

1. Kalyani Nagar-Koregaon Park-Camp:

Known as the golden circle of the city, it is difficult but not impossible to get an apartment in these areas.

The high rates are due to the extremely well-maintained areas, close proximity to some of the best restaurants and pubs in the city and almost equidistant from all the prime locations in Pune. These areas are hands down the best choices when it comes to a good real estate opportunity.

2. Aundh:

With the increase in IT sector, most of the outskirt areas in Pune were the first ones who stepped up, since most of these firms initiated here.

The area is home to some amazing complexes, coupled with good schools, colleges and educational institutions as well. With a notion that more builders will be targeting Aundh in the coming years too, it can be seen as a safe bet for real estate investment in 2018.

Investment Areas and Opportunities in Pune Real Estate Market in 2018

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3. Wakad:

If budget is a constraint yet locality shouldn’t be compromised on along with ensuring good amenities in a home, Wakad is your best pick! Still a growing area, Wakad has seen some good constructions in the past and promises a good future for real estate investors as well.

Alongside, its connecting areas like Tathawade, Punawale, Ravet and Rahatani are also gaining popularity in the Pune real estate market.

4. Baner:

The best and safest pick in the city today, Baner is a spot-on location for a home in 2018.

With Baner, you will surely get spoilt for choices since so many builders have had their hands full with projects here and even more are looking at it with the view of constructions in the future.

The area is new, largely developed and well-connected with all of Pune.

Investment Areas and Opportunities in Pune Real Estate Market in 2018

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So, although all of the above are your best bets, there is no area in the city currently where investing in a home can be a bad decision; because of the rate at which the Pune real estate market is flourishing, the future will definitely be a big surprise!

So apart from these, if one does happen to strike gold i.e. gets their hands on a place in the city with good amenities and situated in a good area, don’t think TWICE!