10 Reasons You Should Buy a Flat in Wagholi

Wagholi occupies a distinctive position in Pune’s residential landscape due to the exceptional development in social and civic infrastructure it has experienced in recent years. 

Located on the eastern periphery of Pune, Wagholi offers affordable housing options for most of us on a shoestring budget. The potential of growth in this area is immense, considering the fact that Pune Smart City Development Corporation Limited (PSCDCL) has major plans for Wagholi.

Also, the upcoming Pune metro would significantly boost the connectivity of Wagholi with other pockets of the city by 2022. Investing in a flat in Wagholi would prove to be a judicious decision on your part for at least 10 compelling reasons.

1. Superb Connectivity

Wagholi is strategically located on Nagar Road and is well connected to Airport, Bund Garden, Sholapur Highway and Shikarpur Chakan Road. New developments like commissioning of the Ring Road tangentially touching Wagholi’s borders and the proposed four-lane flyover from Shikarpur would further render Wagholi a star residential attraction.


2. Affordable Housing

Flats in Wagholi Pune come at an affordable cost compared to other parts of Pune. After a slump in property prices post demonetization, appreciation is visible in recent months with healthy QoQ appreciation. In Koregaon Park, for example, rates per square foot ranges from INR 10K-12K, whereas in Wagholi, quality constructions come with a price tag of INR 4K-5K.

3. Excellent State of Social Infrastructure

Properties in Wagholi have witnessed significant investment interest from IT professionals working in Kharadi IT hub. Consequently, substantial numbers of shopping complexes, malls, entertainment zones, multiplexes, and other social infrastructure have mushroomed. You would never feel cut-off from mainstream city life after investing in flats in Wagholi for sale.

4. Presence of High End and Affordable Educational Options

Wagholi ensures optimum nurturing of your kids’ innate skills, both at fundamental and advanced levels, with an array of good schools and higher learning centres. Notable among them are GH Raisoni College of Engineering and Technology, Lexicon International School, Netaji Subhash Chandra Boys Military School, Dhole Patil College of Engineering etc.

5. Perfect for Green Living

Wagholi prides itself on vast stretches of verdant land that improves the quality of air significantly over here compared to other pockets. Further, barren lands are being progressively afforested by Pune Forest Division to convert fallow land surrounding industrial areas into green belts. Pollution and temperature both would remain under control.

6. Strengthening of Public Commutation System

Construction of Wagholi’s Bus Rapid Transit System (BRTS) terminus on Pune Ahmednagar Road is underway in full swing. Once flagged off, you can enjoy the economic rides civic transportation modes as the Maharashtra State Road Transport Corporation buses would start operating from over here too. Investment in 1 or 2 bhk flats in Wagholi Pune seems attractive from this perspective also. 


7. Inclusion in Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC)

Wagholi would no longer remain within the administrative purview of Gram Panchayat. With inclusion in PMC, residents have been rewarded with a respite from problems that once plagued them. Prominent issues like erratic water supply, frequent power outages, poor condition of macadamized roads, inefficient waste disposal, unauthorized constructions etc. are being addressed at war footing. You can assuredly purchase ready possession flats in Wagholi and rest assured that civic amenities would be in top notch condition by the time you would shift in.

8. Healthy Rental Income

If you have been planning to invest in 1 bhk flats in Wagholi Pune for fetching rental income, you have made a wise decision. IT professionals from Kharadi IT hub are willing to pay good rents for their deputations over there. You can fetch anywhere between INR 4K-8K per month as rent.

9. Good Medical Facilities

Wagholi enjoys the presence of a good number of well-equipped hospitals and clinics like Imax Multi-speciality hospital, Lifeline Hospital, Care Hospital, Matoshree Hospital etc.


10. Profusion of top-notch Housing Projects

Sancheti Builders’ ambitious Mount Castle Project is a gift for people looking forward to investing in value optimized project at competitive cost. Wagholi’s skyline would soon be marked by imposing an array of flats which would stand out due to their distinctive construction styles. Invest in 1 or 2 bhk flats in Wagholi and enjoy absolute peace of mind.

The advantages harvested by investing in flat in Wagholi far outstrip certain teething problems the area has been grappling with after inclusion in PMC. It is time for you to make an informed decision.